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Ladies Night at Blackfoot River Outfitters

Ladies Night At Blackfoot River Outfitters
These glasses were given to the first 100 ladies to attend the event.


Cases of wine were opened, fly-fishing raffle prizes given away and one fly shop overrun by hundreds of women, young and old, crowded Grant Creek Town Center April 28, 2016. Blackfoot River Outfitters put on a soirée of casting lessons, gear fitting and conservation awareness for the ladies of Missoula, and it was a hit.


Chloe Kanning and Tori Hinther came for the wine, good time and they hope to learn something. Kanning says she tried fly-fishing before but it was hard. Hinther says, “I spend a lot of time casting and not a whole lot of time reeling stuff in.”

Out in the parking lot guides are teaching how to cast.

Inside the wine was flowing like the runoff in the Missoula area rivers right now.

Sipping on vino and getting gear advice from the owner was a must at this shoulder to shoulder gathering.

After learning about gear and having their fill of wine, ladies could browse some local businesses and conservations on the sidewalk outside.

This crowded event was ripe with ingenuity and fermented grapes. Not to mention the fly-fishing gear and knowledge that was in abundance. We hope to see more creative events like this in the community.

David Detrick

David Detrick is an avid fly-fishing enthusiast and a journalist. He started IFlyFishMontana as a student project and has goals for the publication being a prominent news and review site for the fly-fishing industry.

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