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Simms Women’s Freestone Waders

Simms Women’s Freestone Waders

The Simms Woman’s Freestone Wader is a pleasure cruise through whatever terrain transpires during my fishing adventures. Movement isn’t a concern when I wear these waders, and comfort isn’t compromised. I feel invincible as I march through thorny brush. I’m carefree to meander with the river, and stay dry when fording brisk waters. I move with greater purpose and less caution, enabling me to observe the places that fly-fishing takes me. 

The only seams I need to worry about are the ones created in the water. This breathable-nylon wader successfully serves as my protective layer against rushing rivers. Opting for waist high waders is easy and comfortable because the Woman’s Freestone Wader was designed with reversible suspender buckles. When river banks are weighted with snow, my hands always find a warm break in the fleece-lined muff pocket.

Hannah Kearse relaxing in her Simms waders in the snowy months on the Blackfoot River in Montana.

The waders are equipped with two zippers at the chest. Each serve a different purpose, a distinction I learned one Montana spring day, when I took a glorious and ungraceful tumble into the West Fork of the Bitterroot River. This impromptu experiment proved the outer zipper-pocket not to be waterproof. The same incident persuaded me to purchase the Simms Waterproof Wader Pouch for $29.95, which attaches to the internal zipper and has proven to function as its name suggests. The Tippet Tender Pocket also aligns with the internal zipper.

Paired with the Simms Lightweight VaporTread Boots, and I’m a matching vision full of possibilities. It’s no surprise these boots are a “hiker-inspired design.” The ankle support and platformed sole offer the support I need to find safe footing on wet rocks. Under this well designed boot lies the VaporTread, a ridged strip of unvarying performance.

Simms VaporTread boots and Simms Rock Creek boots.

I rarely feel the need to stop and wonder if my Simms wader and boots will allow me to do something, they simply perform. I don’t tend to compromise mobility in any outdoor sport, and Simms offers me that ideal in fly fishing. The Simms Freestone Wader and Lightweight VaporTread Boots for women empower me to take to the river at all times of the year.

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