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F3T in Missoula, Montana

F3T in Missoula, Montana
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The Fly Fishing Film Tour of 2017, known as F3T, has finished its shows in Montana but continues across the nation.

Click here: The Fly Fishing Film Tour Schedule to view the Fly Fishing Film Festival’s ticket sales and events schedule.

Without any spoiler alerts, the staff at IFlyFishMontana recommend that everyone who loves fly-fishing attend f3t this year. The tour includes numerous door prizes, conservation education, captivating cinematography and emotional moments on the big screen.

2017 F3T Stoke Reel from The Fly Fishing Film Tour

If you want to know more information about The Fly Fishing Film Tour visit their website with the link provided.

Click on these images to enlarge these Fly Fishing Film Tour photos taken by IFlyFishMontana in a gallery.

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