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Force Fly Fishing’s Predator Vise

Force Fly Fishing’s Predator Vise

The first time I saw the Predator on the internet was in a video of a man putting all of his weight on the jaws. The next video I saw of the fly-tying vise showed someone bending a large streamer hook more than 90 degrees underneath while the jaws kept the hook locked in place. I wanted to know more so I contacted the creator.

Kevan Evans and Chris Klumper created the Predator fly-tying vise, from Force Fly Fishing. Evans had the idea for the vise over seven years ago and today they have 18 vises ordered with 10 about to ship out. “We want to set the standard for the fly-tier,” Evans says.

It took Evans and Klumper some time and collaboration to get started. “One idea led to the next and we had a working model after five months,” Evans says. “There are three Predators in people’s hands already. Even Rick Takahashi has one and we’ve heard great things from him.”

The vise looks very tough and has quite a few extra features. The vise features two different neck attachments to allow angled jaws and straight jaws.

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Other features include a pedestal that includes measurements, rare-earth magnets to retain loose hooks, and tool caddies with rubber inserts to protect your tools. There is flex-arm that is a bobbin rest with hackle pliers on the other side. You can also purchase extras like a cell phone flex-arm and a lamp flex-arm.

“It’s the most innovative, feature filled vise there is,” Evans says. “It’s designed by fly-tying professionals for fly-tying professionals.” Despite his confidence Evans has a few humble goals that have been part of the Predator since he started Force Fly Fishing Inc. He already manufactures every single part of this fly-tying vise in the USA, with the exception of the hackle pliers, but he also wants to employ veterans.

Evans was a victim of a traumatic brain injury when he was 20 years old. His own injury inspired him to help others, especially veterans, who sometimes come back from war with TBIs. Through Evans understanding of the condition and his plans for Force Fly Fishing, he hopes to offer a safe and supportive work environment for veterans with similar conditions.

Force Fly Fishing is currently taking donations and selling the Predator fly-tying vise at pre-manufacture prices on their website. Force Fly Fishing has also launched their first Kickstarter and they are $4,700 from their goal of $7,500.

Click here:Force Fly Fishing to visit their website and click here:Force Fly Fishing Kickstarter to visit their Kickstarter.

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    1. It’s made in the USA and it is a very well made vise. I would suggest it once Force Fly Fishing has it in full production.

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