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Rock Creek Cabins Review

Rock Creek Cabins Review
Elkhorn and the IFlyFishMontana crew.

Nine miles off Interstate 90 outside of Clinton, Montana, are three rustic cabins that were built in the 1960s. The Rock Creek Cabins on Brewster Creek are nestled in a small valley surrounded by pines and breathtaking rock outcroppings. In 1967, Micheal McKenzie moved into the Elkhorn Cabin, “back when you didn’t a fishing license,” McKenzie said. “It’s a slice of heaven and I can’t ever leave, I’ve been out here since I was 14 years old, I was hooked, hook, line and sinker.”

In 1993 McKenzie started fixing the cabins up to rent them out to the public. Today they have three cabins, the Family Cabin, the Elkhorn and the A-Frame.



The A-Frame is their signature cabin, tucked in between Brewster Creek and hundred-foot-tall rock outcroppings, the A-Frame is a sight to see. With floor to ceiling windows on the front and back of the building, this particular cabin offers scenic views. From upstairs you can look out over the creek in front and up at a magnificent hillside littered with rock formations the size of city buses in the back.

Aside from the views, there is a sauna fired with wood heat next to the A-Frame. The A-Frame can accommodate four to five people. There is no running water inside the A-Frame cabin but McKenzie puts fresh water tanks inside that are refilled regularly. Without running water in this unit there’s no bathroom but there’s an outhouse no more than 10 feet from the front porch.

Clint Miller started staying at the A-Frame five years ago. Miller said that he doesn’t want anyone else to know about this place because he wants access to it whenever he plans a spur-of-the-moment getaway from Missoula. “It’s tucked away on Brewster Creek, it’s a good little secret,” Miller said. “I love spring fishing up here, in the summer it gets pretty crowded. Summer time it’s about 80 degrees out on the main river and over here on Brewster creek it’s about 10 to 20 degrees cooler. After the third week in may you can catch some brookies in Brewster Creek.”

Miller brought his friend Jenny Haun up for her first time to the cabins and she said she loved it. “It was fun, we fired up the sauna and had some beers,” Haun said. “Last night we made fajitas and this morning we made bacon and eggs.” Haun said it’s a cozy and homy feel, and you have everything you need to be comfortable.

Miller said that the cabins are some of the more reasonably priced rentals on Rock Creek. “It’s easy to talk to Mike. We roll up, hand him the cash and don’t have to deal with any of the paperwork,” Miller said. “He has the lights on for us when we get there.”

The A-Frame cabin costs $75 a night.



The Elkhorn also costs $75 a night and can accommodate six people. This cabin is situated in the middle of the property with a large grassy yard leading up to a small covered porch. Hanging above the doorway inside the cabin is a large set of elk antlers decorated with a fly rod. Inside the Elkhorn it’s cozy, has an open floor plan and reminds you of a forest service cabin.

Across the yard from the Elkhorn is the Shower House and the Family Cabin. The Shower House is available for use by anyone staying at the cabins. The Family Cabin has its own shower and bathtub but the A-Frame and Elkhorn do not. The Family Cabin is the largest cabin on the property and it can accommodate eight people for $95 a night.



In the family cabin there is a painting of the Blackfoot River by Monte Dolack. Dolack, a renowned Montana artist, used to frequent the Rock Creek Cabins years ago. You can find his works hung throughout the cabins.

Rock Creek Cabins offer a rustic and relaxing glimpse of Montana life within minutes of some of the most scenic fishing western Montana has to offer. The price is hard to beat and McKenzie is always around to answer any questions. Firewood is supplied along with charcoal grills ready to start. All the cabins have fireplaces and heat up really fast in the colder months.



For more information on the Rock Creek Cabins visit or call Mike McKenzie at (406)-251-6611.

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