Another reel from Taylor that performs like a $600 reel at half of the price. The Array from Taylor Fly Fishing is almost a four-year-old reel design, made only months after the Type 1 in 2013. The Array eight weight I have been using, named for its multiple uses or broad spectrum of functionality, landed a few salmon and large trout in the last seven months. The drag handled the larger fish in the river easily and once again, as I had with the Revolution from Taylor, realized that Taylor reels were designed for larger fish.

After fishing this reel in two states for salmon, steelhead, trout and pike, I knew it could handle anything freshwater had to offer. In the video below you can see coho that was reeled in on the Array.

I continue to be satisfied with Taylor’s designs and powerful drag systems. Little did I know, this drag system was out of date. “After three years it’s time to update the Array and make changes to the drag,” said Matthew Taylor, founder and owner of Taylor Fly Fishing. “Instead of a two-carbon-disc drag system, the new Array V2 has eight and 10 discs.” The V2 comes in two sizes of drag system, an eight-disc drag system for the two to six weight models and a 10-disc drag system for the six to 10 weight models.

“We did something most reel companies don’t do,” Taylor said. “We shrunk the drag system on the smaller reels, the benefit is a lighter reel.” Taylor also explained that the size difference works better for the design with a larger drag for larger reels and a smaller drag for smaller reels. Regardless of looks, Taylor is confident that the new V2 will handle every scenario you can throw at it.

Not only is the new drag system four and five times more powerful than the first Array, the new V2 has one clutch bearing in its own water-tight chamber along with self-lubricating embedded bushings. “The lightweight design can handle trout and tarpon,” Taylor said.

The new V2 Array makes its debut February 28, 2017. “I always get a little nervous before we launch a Kickstarter,” Taylor said “This will probably be the biggest Kickstarter we have ever had.” With successful Kickstarters every year for the last three years Taylor Fly Fishing has claimed its own niche in the fly-fishing industry. As satisfied as I am with the Array, I can only imagine what the new V2 will be like.

For more information on the Kickstarter or Taylor Fly Fishing visit their website here:Taylor Fly Fishing and their Kickstarter here:Array V2 Kickstarter

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