For two seasons I have worn the Simms Rock Creek felt wading boots. I would suggest these boots based on price and durability for someone who gets on the river less than 50 times a year. I have logged countless days and well over 200 miles a summer in each pair.

One pair of the Simms Rock Creek boots had Rock Treads, read our review of Rock Treads here, on them and the other pair was bare felt. Both pairs survived until this year when they started falling apart. First, the seams started tearing around the heels and big toe area which led to the soles coming off of the boot. After two seasons and using these boots over 100 times a season they finally started to show wear and tear. I would consider that pretty durable considering the distances I have traveled in them.

Rock Treads attached to Rock Creek felt bottom boots from Simms.

The boots cost around $99 and can be found for less during sales at your local fly shop. For this price, you can’t beat the durability and comfortability of a lower-tier Simms product. I have moved up to the G3 Guide boot and am curious to see the durability comparison between the two different styles.

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