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What started as a student project has now developed into the future of fly fishing in Montana, we hope.

Here at IFlyFishMontana our mission is to provide blogs, news, reviews, reports and everything fly fishing in Montana all on one website.

The goal is to bring our community together and make it grow while offering valuable services, resources and reliable information.

IFlyFishMontana is also very involved with conservation through many different organizations in Montana.

We are dedicated to our followers and users of our content. Any suggestions and feedback are appreciated. Please feel free to contact us.

If we don’t hear from you soon, we’ll see you on the river. Tight lines everyone.


Authors and Photographers

Dakota Wharry

David Detrick

Graham Gardner

Hannah Kearse

Nate LaChance


Head Web Developer

Tony Mode

Past Contributors

Adam McCaw

Courtney Gerard

Bayley Butler

Madison Dapcevich

Yomi Kleinmann



David Detrick

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